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I would like to congratulate you and thank you for your decision to advertise on Dedoimedo. If you have a website or a product that you want to advertise, you have come to the right place. Please invest a few minutes of your time to learn more about advertising on Dedoimedo.

Website traffic

Before you decide whether advertising on Dedoimedo is worth your money or time or both, you might want to take a look at my website statistics. Here's a sampling of useful and interesting facts for your consideration:

Dedoimedo has Google PageRank 5.

Dedoimedo enjoys approx. 500,000+ visits, 900,000+ monthly pageviews, with roughly 200,000+ RSS feed views. Dedoimedo also generates some volume of traffic on its Youtube channel and through regular article contributions to

Some popular pages have approx. 15,000-60,000+ monthly views, including the index page, the Software & security section, GRUB tutorials, dual-boot tutorials, compilation lists of Linux programs, a number of game and distro reviews, several physics articles, etc.

All numbers listed above are average values. Dedoimedo cannot guarantee them, including but not limited to, the use of advertisement and image blocking filters, spoofed referrers and/or any other means of website traffic control on the client side. The figures above are valid for October, 2016.

Advertisement options

Dedoimedo accepts advertisement for products only related to software, hardware, gaming and art, to some extent. Dedoimedo reserves the right to reject any advertisement offer without further notice.

All payments will be handled securely by PayPal.

All prices are negotiable. Please contact me for details.

You will get discounts for bulk subscriptions of multiple slots or long-term leases.

Advertisement rules

Dedoimedo advertisement service permits only advertisement of products and software related to site content. This includes software, hardware, computer games, and some art-related material.

Advertisement text for custom formats must be clearly separate from site content in some way.

Advertisement images must be in either JPG, PNG or non-animated GIF format, no larger than 30Kb in size unless specifically agreed upon.

Advertisements must point to the vendor's site; third-party referrals are not allowed.

Advertisements must not point to direct downloads or redirecting pages.

You can cancel your subscriptions at any time. Partial refunds will be given, based on the remainder of unused advertisement time, rounded to the next day GMT. For custom advertisement agreements, special discounts, if given, will be deduced from refunds.

Dedoimedo is not responsible for any damage or loss of profit incurred as a direct or indirect result of improper or incorrect use of Dedoimedo advertisement service and the PayPal service. Any fraudulent payments, misuse or abuse of the advertisement service rules or any other activity not specifically listed here are subject to immediate termination of the subscription service with no refunds.

Contact me

Dedoimedo requires that all advertisement offers be related to site content. Dedoimedo reserves the right to reject any proposal without further explanations.

You need to contact me by email, titled: Dedoimedo advertisement, otherwise your email query might be delayed or end up unanswered. In the email body, you need to specify the site/product that you wish to advertise and provide a URL. This URL will be used as the link in your advertisement.

I will consider your offer and reply to you by email within a few days.

Last updated: October 2016.